Corporate Wellness Offerings

In a time of increasing medical costs and lifestyle related disease rates, over 70% of corporations are implementing corporate wellness programs to improve employee health and quality of life while at the same time decreasing company overhead. According to the Chapman Institute Meta-Evaluation of 2012, Work Site Health Promotion Programs led to an average:

  • 25% decrease in sick leave absenteeism.
  • 25% reduction in health costs.
  • 32% reduction in Workers’ Compensation and Disability Costs.

Providing on-site wellness education and services also leads to an increase in job satisfaction and company loyalty. Employees are happier and work better when they feel good. A salesperson is much more apt to close a big deal when she feels energized and refreshed. Poor health habits lead to poor job performance.

Rachel’s comprehensive training and experience in wellness coupled with extensive leadership and communication training have provided her with a unique skill set to satisfy the needs of your employees and company. She is a skilled workshop leader, chef, coach, and mentor and brings with her not only an array of practical skills but a deep desire to see all those around her thrive by implementing a few simple lifestyle changes.


Menu of Services

Lunch and Learn Sessions
The “Lunch and Learn” sessions consist of a series of conversations around a chosen topic. They are interactive and engaging opportunities to educate employees on various aspects of health – why that area of health is important, what to be aware of, and how to manage it holistically. Printed materials will be provided with most sessions.

Rate: $250 per session

(includes materials for 25 participants, add $15 per additional 20 attendees)

Seasonal Cooking Classes
These two hour classes focus on produce that is seasonal and local. We prepare and taste three separate recipes and discuss the nutritional value of each ingredient. Recipes provided for take-aways. 

Rate: $475 per class

(includes recipes and samples for 25 participants. Add $30 per additional 20 attendees.)

Movement Classes
These classes focus on twenty minute routines that participants can integrate into their daily lives with ease to facilitate a clear mind and body. We learn the movements, discuss the particular benefits of each movement, and practice with supervision.

Rate: $250 per hour

(includes materials for 25 participants, add $15 per additional 20 participants)

Stress Management Classes
These 30 minute or one hour classes focus on stress management techniques for mind and body. We delve deep into what stress is, the physiological effects it has on the body, and how to mitigate any detrimental side-effects for vitality and ease. Some techniques may include breathwork, Imago therapy, Non-Violent Communication, the Ellison Model of Conflict Resolution, and emotional freedom.

Rate: $175 per half hour; $250 per hour 

(includes materials for 25 participants, add $15 per additional 20 participants)

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